Sunday, August 5, 2007

Yellow Cow

Did you guess who my artist was??? This is what I have chosen for my colour part of Sumptuous Surfaces. It is one of my most favorite images and for some reason I repeatedly refer to it as the Happy Cow - whether it is the colours or the expression on the cow's face I don't quite know. When I first saw this Franz Marc's painting I was delighted and could imagine it as a quilt covering some small child's bed. Over the years it has floated around in the back of my mind as something I would explore someday - well, that someday looks like it has arrived... It was the first thing I thought of when sharonb talked about the colour component of her class. Perhaps 'doing it small' may lead to 'bigger things'. I can already 'feel' the explosion of colour just waiting to be invited and last week I bought a colllection of silk varigated threads to add to my thread palette.. I am so thinking yellow paint and some wonderful flower motifs I bought at a scrapbooking shop quite a few weeks ago - my inner muse must have known - because they are very bright even for me.
Now next weekend...

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