Saturday, November 14, 2015

Little Miss B's Birthday

 Today was little Miss B's birthday - she turned two. That time from when she was born until now has flown like birds on the wing... She is now a little personality who is displaying traits of her own. She knows what she likes and in an equal amount what she doesn't. From a grand parent's perspective I think we have the luxury of watching them grow and develop - perhaps it is because for most of us we are that much removed from the everyday rush that we had as parents where each minute was timetabled, crammed and action packed. Watching her develop and reach out to her world is like watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset, hearing music or reading words that move me - it touches deep within. Really, what more does one want from life than this???

As I watched Miss B today I wondered what lay ahead of her and I hoped that she would always be fortunate enough to have choice in her life and horizons broad enough to explore her world whether it be physical, mentally, emotionally or spiritual in a safe and peaceful way. I wished for her as the cake was cut that she would always be happy, healthy, prosperous and content. And that if she were to have dark days they would be a scattered few and far between...

But for today, it was about a little girl who was surrounded by those who love her and who was not too sure what all the fuss was about. And of course Peppa Pig...

Happy Birthday to you Miss B!!!


Even her presents had a continuing theme.