Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Patchwork Houses

In between packing boxes in readiness for the big shift - I am doing a little stitching. I have put a couple of projects aside to stitch until we unpack at the other end as with this move I have lost my stitchy room - so it may be awhile before I can unpack. While I still have a way to go with this one - the finish line is in sight. I am so pleased that I have persevered with this even though at times I was very tempted to 'release it to the world'. The blank space between the bottom border trees is placement for initials and date as in the original pattern however the jury is still out on that. I have seen a blue bird charm that would occupy the space really well. But until I am sure it will remain a space... And I am yet to correct the mistake ;) 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 begins...

Despite being three days into 2016 I haven't begun on any of my proposed new starts - instead I have been concentrating on my 'problem child'.. A lovely little design by Jardin Prive which I really love - however I seem to have been at odds with this from the very beginning. I could say that for every stitch I have stitched correctly the 'frog' and I have been 'hand in hand' with the rest.

wink emoticon
This one I could have buried in my 'tub of shame' gladly, but instead I decided to give it one last go before I abandoned it altogether. I wish I could say everything was forgiven and has gone smoothly - but alas not so. However I have donned my "no fail" hat and I am stitch by stitch making my way to my first finish for 2016. I am hopefully that it will be finished by the end of January. Then onto one of my new projects...

Take care

Sharon x