Sunday, July 22, 2007

Black & White

I decided to copy my pears in black and white to give me a better idea of the tonal values. I am quite impressed with it and my mind spins off onto other tangets. Back to the task at hand...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sumptuous Surfaces wk1

I have enrolled in sharonb's Sumptuous Surfaces online course and hopefully this blog will record my progress throughout the six weeks.

Concept - As usual I had mulled over numerous ideas which for one reason or another I discarded. I was also starting to panic as wk 2 is already underway. By pure chance this morning I discovered a folder tucked away with images I collected quite awhile ago - nearly six years if my memory serves me. This morning I also had made up my mind that I would choose an image and 'just get on with it' so coming across this folder was indeed 'a find'. On of my failings is that I think too much and 'exhaust' myself thereby losing 'the moment'. Of course this results in not achieving anything which of course in turn frustrates me to no end.

But I digress - flicking through the folder I came across an image of pears which had been used as a decor image on a box of tissues of all things. I paused and studied the image and knew that this was the one. Why??? I could wax lyrical and use a million words when the bottom line is - it is an image which pleases me - interests me and I would like to use it as a textile piece. I feel like I am cheating a little as the image is already in monotone as sharonb suggested we use for our first piece. But again I am prepared to expect the unexpected and no doubt the end result will be nothing like I see in front of me.

I am now keen to move onto the next step - I have taken a photo copy and will cut out each of the pear shapes and move the independent pieces around until I find what works for me. At this point I am thinking only two shapes - a full and half pear - but I guess I won't know until I 'play'.

I have my fabric but not threads as I wanted to wait until I had a design idea - so it looks like a trip to Spotlight is in order or maybe better - a trip to my favorite shop Bustle and Bows. The creative juices are pumping now. Could I be any happier...