Sunday, February 27, 2011

'Oh dear! Oh dear!

... I shall be too late!' said the White Rabbit - Alice In Wonderland

Unheard of - two posts in the same day! It was actually E who suggested that I blog my progess on this FPC (fabric post card)... Not my design unfortunately but it just lent itself to my FPC swap over on stitchin' fingers. As usual I am running behind with this swap - but the people who are involved already know that like the white rabbit I'm running late. And as far as I know they don't come over here so I am safe with showing you progress reports...

I have used a combination of water colour paints and Derwent Inktense coloured pencils for the base coat of the rabbit - once they are dried I may do a second coat and then I shall embroider in the whiskers etc. Applying watercolour to fabric is like 'dancing with the devil' as you can pay the price if the paint is too wet - it will 'bleed' over onto other areas. I used a fairly dry brush and 'neat' colour rather than watering it down into a wash. The card size will be pared back to the pencil lines. Doing this sort of thing really makes me come alive - I can feel the inspiration bubbling to the surface washing away the everyday humdrum for a couple of hours as whatever I'm doing 'comes to life'.

Stay tuned for further updates...

S xx

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Pat Winter said...

Thank you for purchasing the new magazine. I'm so glad it brightened your day. I hope you are feeling better. Gentle hugs,Pat