Sunday, January 15, 2012

Creative Sleeplessness

Messing around with this took me until 3am... Doesn't look much for all that lack of sleep does it... Yes, I can see that the motif isn't central to the triangular patch - that's what happens when you're trying to do three things at once. I did fret about it initially - then I thought about doing the running stitch down each side with the motif 'breaking through' as though it is 'living' and moving through the block. By doing this I thought it grounded the motif and gave it place. I may repeat a smaller version of the motif somewhere else on the block. The stitches I used were - chain stitch, french knots, feather stitch and of course, fly stitch... The top photo is where it is in relationship on the block... When I think what I was originally planning to do - which was a circle of flowers - it is so far removed from that that it bears no relationship to it at all... In fact the whole block is much different than I planned - it is so much more vibrant and alive...

Am I happy with it?

I was annoyed that I hadn't taken more notice that it was off centre - but I do like how it has evolved. I like the way I have used a combination of traditional stitches to create something a little different with their application - sort of like reinventing the wheel isn't it... I think that once I start 'dressing' the rest that it will balance out and I can always come back and 'tweak it' if necessary.

What it has done is given me a little more confidence to attempt to solve a problem rather than ripping all the stitching out and/or starting over. My self imposed striving for perfection doesn't allow for spontaneous  creativity. After all isn't this what this challenge is about - pushing ourselves to experiment and think outside the square. This first block is certainly leading the way and I am following - it will be interesting to see where it takes me..

Until later, take care

Sharon x x

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Gina E. said...

Hi Sharon, I've got some blog-catching up to do, it seems. Your work so far on your block is beautiful! You are so like many of the other crazy-patchwork girls online in the way you analyze what you've done and where it is going. I just can't be anything other than the Aries I was born - just practical with no original ideas of my own. My block will simply be basic stitches along the seams! But I'm okay with that. Looking forward to see what you do next on this block :-)