Saturday, November 10, 2012

Can you spot the difference??

To anyone who may still swing past this blog - no, no your eyes aren't playing tricks on you... The blog title has changed just a little. The change was quite unintentional really, as I was trying to make a decision about whether or not to continue the blog since I haven't stitched or blogged with any regularity at all in 2012 - when I was turning the title over in my mind instead of 'tomorrow' the words 'to follow' slipped in. It made me pause and perhaps I saw that as a sign of the promise of things to come so I have 'opened the door', 'pushed up the windows' and 'blown off the dust' and maybe with a little more incentive I shall become productive again...

Just before I leave - this is my March - yep, you read it right - block for the CQJP -2012 that I started at the beginning of the year... I could go into a tale of 'poor me' to why I haven't got any further - but hey who wants to listen to that - suffice to say I won't be finishing this year... Rather than dwell on what I haven't done - I have decided that it will be (among other things) my project for 2013 - a 'slow cloth'... sharonb imparted some wisdom a little while ago on her blog about doing work such as this - she said that it take time - it is not something that happens quickly... I have taken those words on board and that has become my philosophy.... I shall do what I can when I am able to and not beat myself up about it when I can't.

Not much more to say than that...

Until later, keep stitching

Sharon x

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Gina E. said...

Way to go. Nice to have you back!
Look forward to some stitching time on a summer afternoon on your leafy patio ;-)