Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Crazy Quilt book

My newest 'indulgence' arrived today... I have long admired  Judith Baker Montano's work. While I don't have any of her books apart from her original - The Crazy Quilt Handbook - which I have just about worn the pages through - I thought that this one was well worth adding to my library.
The book is divided up into nine sections - each with their own sub sections. The sections cover such things as silk dyeing, photography, landscapes/seascapes from photos, embellishing, plus a whole lot more. Each section is like a treasure trove with something different to discover each time you look. I can see already this will be one of my 'go to' references and will be well thumbed through.
Perhaps this will give me a kick start - I don't think that I lack for ideas (sometimes I think I have TOO many) - only the ways to execute them - which seems to be where I fall down. Like for many of us I guess what happens in my imagination doesn't always translate in the way that I 'see' it in my minds eye and I become frustrated. I know one of my biggest failings is that I want everything to be 'just perfect' and that alone stops me. However, as much as I hate to say it - the more you do the more you learn and grow from it.
I am even considering signing up again for for the CQJ2013 . I joined this year and unfortunately fell way behind in the first three months. I think for a number of reasons - mostly non related to stitching -  but through doing the little I did and browsing at other peoples work - I have learnt an amazing amount and I would have a more definite 'game plan' if I were to do it again... But I am not making any hasty decisions as yet. In the meanwhile - I shall dive between the pages of my newest arrival and soak it all up...

Until later, take care and keep those needles threaded

Sharon x

*afterthought - just before my book arrived I had sat and stitched the spider web in silver metallic thread. No spider as yet and maybe there won't be... :-) One more motif to go and may March CQJ2012 will be complete - it's only taken eight months!!!!


Gina E. said...

I think I saw that book at one of the craft fairs (Cando bookstall?) Right down your alley (but not mind), look forward to having a peep at it.
After your experiences with spiders over the years, I wouldn't blame you for excluding them from your CQ blocks! I had an invite from one of the CQ co-ordinators to join the 2013 challenge, but I declined, explaining that if I didn't finish this year, it is highly unlikely that I will do another 12 next year!

Little House on the Hill said...

Hi I love your block the spot fabric really makes it pop. I have joined the CQ challenge for 2013, wish me luck lol

Cheers Pauline