Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pinup's Blocks

Block 1 Block 2

These are the two of three blocks I have remaining from the CQOO06 RR. They are to start the last leg of their journey - home - to New Zealand today. My contribution is the bead work in the last section of the bottom Block2.
Pinup's blocks are so full of life and colour and she has used some interesting fabrics in the makeup of her blocks... When I first received them (quite some months ago now!!) I was bedazzled by the vibrancy of them - the first words I thought of when I looked at them were carnival and fireworks... I must admit it took me a while to 'find my place' amongst the colours to stitch - the section of brown gold embroidered satin caught my eye and stirred my imagination and the tone on tone beads which I found I had a long with the little floral shapes were 'just made' for the job... I wanted to cluster the beads - stitching them on top of each other to create some height - I found I had some gold balls so I added them to 'connect' to the gold embroidery of the fabric and some of the other aspects of the block. That small section took a few mornings work and created some interest from passersby in the food court where I sit and stitch before I start work each morning.
E - I hope you like my 'little bit'. Your blocks will be home soon...

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Maureen said...

The blocks look great!
I'm sure pinup will be happy to receive them.