Sunday, September 23, 2007

Op - shop finds...

Glasses Case
Easter Bell Pull
Glasses case kit and Pillow Sham pattern & threads

I found these Danish Flower Thread kits at my local op-shop yesterday. Two were glasses cases one a Easter bell pull and the third a pillow sham pattern and threads. The full kits were $3 each and the bell pull and pillow sham were only a couple of dollars each. The bell pull as you can see ( pic 2) has already been started and it is not much wider than a bookmark...

What fasinated me about the threads are that they are so fine and quite a different texture to what I am use to using... On closer inspection they seem to be the genuine article having a' made in Denmark' tag. And I would take a guess that the instuctions are in Danish although they do have and English version too.

Will I stitch them?? Undecided - but I believe they are worth having in my stash :) I think what gets to me is the story behind them. Who owned them originally? Were they bought in Denmark and travelled with their owner to Australia? Why were they never finished??? LOL- I guess the next question could be - will they ever be finished????

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Val said...

I should check out my local op shop occasionally, it's always fun to see what's there. And indeed, what IS the story behind that kit from Denmark? At least you have more influence over whether they're going to be finished or not. In another post you mentioned doing better on your own rather than in a sewing circle. Wonder what the result would be if we got together with our sketch books as you recently suggested!