Sunday, October 7, 2007

To state the obvious...

...buttons!!! E had to go to Zart - an art supply shop quite close to us. Really it is more than just an art supplier it also has lots and lots of other interesting 'crafty' type stuff because of the sort of supplier it is. A few weeks ago it had amazing hand dyed shanks of wool just ready to be knitted into a million possibilities but I resisted!!!! Zart is as close to heaven as any arty type could want - there is paper and pencils and crayons and pastels and dyes and paints and - I could go on... If you are this side of Melbourne go check it out for yourself. We go there that often they knows us - scary!!!!!

P and I were wandering around waiting for E is gather her supplies together when P spotted the buttons - I don't think he thought that I would actually buy them - they were in 250 gram packets for $3.00 approx. While they are all modern buttons there are a lots of interesting ones among them and quite a mixture of sizes and designs which I could see used in a lot of ways.. What am I going to do with them - who knows - but I know that I have them in my stash ready and waiting.


Val said...

I saw those packets of buttons the last time I was at Zart at the beginning of the school holidays. I love Zart, and have really appreciated the bargains I picked up at their annual sale recently.

I have a few buttons, which I use to fasten some of the books I make. For special buttons you can't beat Buttonmania in the Nicholas Building in the city - what a treasure.

AnneS said...

Ooh, great score on the buttons! Might have to check them out soon :)