Saturday, May 22, 2010

Southern Cross Crazies

I have been a non -active member of the yahoo Southern Cross Crazies for many years... My main activity with them has been as a 'lurker' admiring the 'crazy' work which they do. Recently I received an email enquiring to whether I was still interested in the group as they were going through their members list and saw that I hadn't been 'active' for quite some time

There is an saying about 'when the student is ready the teacher appears'. As I re established contact I saw that some members were about to start a DYOB - translated that is - DOING YOUR OWN BLOCK. using the
Carole Samples book... Now as luck has it I have had Carol's book for yep - you guessed it - for more years than I can remember and while it looks simple enough I have often wished that I had a 'buddy' to work a 'crazy' block with using the stitches from the book... So as you can see my wish was heard...

I am looking forward to participating for two reasons: 1. It will motivate me to actually start doing something again - I really like 'crazy' but lacked motivation to do something on my own so in this way I will have to stay true as there seems to be a week to week progression...
2. I will have some friends to compare with and show and tell albeit via the computor but lol I have made some amazing relationships via this small screen :) Also this DYOB stays at home - it doesn't go travelling... 3. I won't have to go anywhere to do it!!!! I am excited at the thought of getting involved in something again... Stay tuned to see what I come up with... :)
LOL at the moment I am ovewhelmed thinking about fabric choices :)

Sharon xxx

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Anonymous said...

I hope to see your Crazy patchwork real soon! So GET GOING! :)