Thursday, December 8, 2011

blogger problems...

It seems that I have discovered the problem with my blog... Apparently, and I am still to figure out why - my new phone 'stole' all my blogger photos when I connected it to my computer... When I (not realizing what had happened) deleted the photos from my phone storage - it also the deleted those photos from my blog... Go figure.. Some of the photos are gone for good - some I may be able to retrieve from my achieved albums - crazy stuff!! Will I bother? Not sure yet - lately I haven't had much time to do anything and I am finding it more difficult to thread a simple sentence together after the work days I have had lately... More crazy stuff!!!!

Perhaps it is a message from the greater blogging gods... That remains to be answered... Until later, take care...

Sharon x

 ** Arlene the bunny photo is for you... I made this earlier on in the year over on stitchin fingers for a postcard swap

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