Saturday, October 27, 2007

Reflections of Nature

If you have the opportunity to see a copy Janet Hall's 'Reflections of Nature' it is well worth it. Page after page of pure inspiration. It beats me how someone can look at a butterfly then recreate it in textiles. Some of the moths and flowers which are illustrated in the book are so lifelike it was difficult to tell them apart from their real models. A quote from the backcover says it all..
In a unique combination of art, photography and prose Janet Hall magically intertwines her exquisite work as a textile artist with the world which inspires it. She presents her breathtakingly beautiful embroideries through numerous photograhs and descriptions, conveying the very essence of her work: 'to achieve works which are not simply observational, but translations of wonder as well as nature.'
I borrowed this book on one of my many recent trips to the library - I found it by chance - and once I opened it I was 'hooked'. I have already enquired to its price - perhaps at some stage a copy will become an addition to my library...

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Val said...

Hi Sharon. You've done well to have found such an inspiring book. I'm sure you can leave plenty of hints around the place for Christmas gift suggestions!

I might be doing an oil painting class with a small group of women here in Hawaii - I think that will be fun! At least I'll provide comic relief for other participants.