Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Autumn Retreat Cross Stitch

Autumn Retreat - Adapted from the works of R.L. Anderson
Despite the promises I keep making (and obviously breaking!)  I have bought another stash acquisition ... Quite different from my usual  - but the colour palette of this one seduced me.. This photo doesn't do it justice...

I am quite keen to start it but there is a couple of projects already underway I want to finish first. What sold me on this one? As I said I loved the colour palette but the composition of  is also satisfying. I love the central position of the vase with its dropped blooms and its cascading flowers which fills the majority of the frame. Your eye then picks up the fallen books and the candlestick hiding just behind the vase and travels up past the patterned wall paper to the shelf above and the plates and mug resting on it.What makes it interesting is the doily underneath the vase - while the vase is central in the frame - it is set off to one side on the doily making it a beautifully balanced composition.
Beautiful colours
For you Daffy Cat

I thought I would show you my ort container. It all started many months ago when I started using a plastic screw top container as an ort container. When my grand daughter could hold it she would turn it around looking at the colours and  as she got older she would roll it across the floor. It is now ball shaped and quite soft to touch although it is quite dense as the threads have woven together. Now keep in mind this is the product of  quite a few months of stitching not a monthly collection as yours is...

My Ort 'jar'

Until later, keep your needles threaded



Daffycat said...

I love your ORT ball! How precious to know your granddaughter enjoyed playing with your pretty ORT container!

Gina E. said...

Sharon, I have two ORT jars now! One full, and the second nearly full. Apart from giving yours to GD to play with, do you have any ideas for its eventual use? I thought I might use mine to stuff a pin cushion.